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  • I started referring my Mothers who were having struggles with breastfeeding to Sarah and they all returned with rave reviews and with newborns who were now successful at Breastfeeding. I continued to refer to Sarah afterward and was never disappointed! Sarah has unlimited patience, as well as excellent technique with lactation advice.

    Ellen P., MD, FAAP
  • My husband and I spent a good chunk of the morning trying to find out where we could get access to a lactation consultant on the weekend. Everywhere we tried said we’d have to wait til Monday or take baby to the ER, neither of which we wanted to do. Enter Sarah. She was professional, prepared, efficient and patient. She gave us successful strategies to use and put us on a schedule to get baby healthy and back on track.

    Amanda R.
  • Sarah is wonderful, calm and completely reassuring. I was in the thickets of the hardest week of my life when she swooped in and by Wednesday evening I felt like I was nearing the other side. I really don’t know how to thank Sarah enough.

    Julia-Anne O.
  • Sarah is compassionate and so very knowledgeable as a lactation consultant. I sent her a message after having soreness and an infection. I was very frustrated. She called me right away and spent 2 hours with me on a Saturday to practice latching. She was so friendly and supportive and I feel like I can reach out to her again with any other issues. She is definitely an amazing resource to reach out to for breastfeeding help. If you are having ANY issues call her immediately.

    Kate F.
  • Sarah responded to my email really fast and even gave me a call right away. After talking and assessing that I did need immediate help, she made time to come to my house the next day and answered not just breastfeeding questions/concerns, but even other postpartum or health/motherhood questions I had.

    Ruiza A.
  • A visit from Sarah definitely feels like THE turning point in my journey of breastfeeding my son. I was struggling with many issues and a lot of doubts. A couple of visits to the lactation clinic did not seem to help much. My son was 4 weeks old and that was when my mom and I decided that a house visit by a lactation nurse might help. Then I stumbled upon Sarah through Yelp and I do thank my stars I did. She was so warm and friendly. She gave me the confidence to breastfeed and spent a couple of hours training me and my son. She showed me so clearly what had been going wrong so far. I definitely recommend Sarah to any mom with breastfeeding issues.

    Sandhya S.
  • I emailed Sarah very late one Sunday night after seeing six other lactation consultants and taking my baby to see a pediatric occupational therapist because I couldn’t get my baby to breastfeed. None of the techniques or exercises suggested were helping us to breastfeed and I was getting to the end of my rope. Sarah responded to my email first thing the next morning and came to visit me that same day. She had us breastfeeding within 60 seconds.

    Stardust L.