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If you’re breastfeeding while going through a divorce or co-parenting legal agreements, you’re not alone. The number of custody cases involving breastfeeding has increased, especially related to joint custody and co-parenting schedules. As a registered nurse and internationally board certified lactation consultant, I provide expert witness testimony for such cases.

Research supports the importance of breastfeeding that goes beyond the mother-baby bond and nutritional needs. Additional benefits include:

  • Antibodies and other factors that protect children from infections, promote brain development and improve the digestive system
  • Lower medical costs as breastfed babies require fewer doctor visits
  • Lower risk of SIDS, allergies and asthma, childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions

Expert Witness Credentials

My certifications and background makes me uniquely qualified to provide factual support and expert testimony for divorce and custody proceedings. Over the years, I’ve encountered all types of scenarios as a registered nurse, breastfeeding expert, and certified divorce coach. As a result of this deep experience, I understand the importance of having a strategic partner on your legal team.

  • Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant
    For nearly 30 years I’ve worked with thousands of mothers and babies as a breastfeeding consultant. My lactation consulting services range from mom’s physical and emotional needs to infant weight gain and other medical information.
  • Registered Nurse
    As a registered nurse, I have specialties in family practice, gynecology, hospice, public health, obstetrics, and oncology. My medical background provides first-hand expertise that provides credibility and authority.
  • Certified Divorce Coach
    In my practice as a certified divorce coach, I help clients develop a plan to work through immediate challenges caused by separation and divorce. In my role I’m part of a client’s divorce team and support system. This unique perspective positively influences my expert witness testimony to be fact-based and persuasive.

Working Together

Your first step is to schedule a 30-minute complementary virtual meeting to discuss your expert testimony needs and how my specialized knowledge can support your legal journey.