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Prenatal Consult

Are you completely overwhelmed with all the breastfeeding information on the Internet and all the advice you’re getting from your friends and family? Did you take a breastfeeding class at the hospital and you’re still confused?

No problem! I can come to your home and answer your questions! I spend up to 2 hours with you and cater this to what you’re looking for. I can either do a private breastfeeding class for you and/or just clear up all the confusion you have.

Topics I make sure to cover are:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby
  • Normal newborn behavior
  • How do you know your baby’s getting enough
  • How often should you breastfeed
  • What can and can’t you eat or drink while breastfeeding
  • Safe sleeping for your baby
  • Your questions – please have lots of questions for me!