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What is a Postpartum Care Nurse?

I’m an experienced registered nurse and certified lactation consultant and was a former crisis counselor for many years. I’ve worked with pregnant and postpartum women for over 25 years. I can offer you and your family support with anxiety provoking situations, along with medical knowledge and breastfeeding help. I’m very clear where my professional boundaries lie and will always work with you and your medical team if necessary, to help you have the best experience possible.

How I Support You

Here are just some of the things I can help you with in my role as a Postpartum Care Nurse:

  • Work with you to figure out the help you may need from me and other providers
  • Discuss any medical issues you or your baby may be experiencing
  • Discuss any mental health issues you may be experiencing
  • Make your appointments for you
  • Find providers who accept your insurance
  • Drive you to your appointments
  • Attend your and your baby’s medical appointments with you and help you understand the information you were given
  • Discuss medication for either you or your baby
  • Help you to integrate your baby into your life
  • Work closely with your care team

What About a Doula?

If you’ve already hired a postpartum doula, that’s great! While some of our duties may overlap, they are not the same. Doulas can be an integral part of your support system. However, the doula’s scope of practice does not include anything medical such as taking a baby’s temperature, administrating medications to you or your baby, or discussing potential side effects of medications. While they can give lactation support, they are not board certified lactation consultants. I am both a registered nurse and an internationally board certified lactation consultant with an extensive crisis intervention background.


If you’re having breastfeeding difficulties, I can offer you a lactation consultation at my normal lactation consultation fee. If you’d like to have me stay, I can seamlessly switch into my other role as a Postpartum Care Nurse. Or I can come back with a three hour minimum. (Contact me for my fee.) If you’re not breastfeeding, that’s ok. I make no judgments.

I look forward to working with you and your family!