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Full Day Lactation Consultation with a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Are you worried that when I leave, you won’t be able to repeat what you’ve done during our consult? Are you afraid you’re going to forget what you’ve just learned about you and your baby? Do you learn new things by practicing over and over again with the help of an expert? Do you need a little more TLC and information than what a typical two hour consult can provide? Well, I have the answer!

I can come to your home and spend 8 hours with you. That’s a full day! This day typically gives us enough time to practice 3 feeding sessions. This full day also gives you the time to process and integrate all the cool, new information about feeding, baby care, and your own self-care. We’ll tailor all this to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Please contact me for questions about my fee. Please know that arrangements can be made if you live outside of the Puget Sound area.



  • After a week of difficult nursing and our newborn infant showing signs of failure to thrive, we were emotionally spent and desperate for answers. We had seen our general pediatrician and had a visit with the hospital lactation consultant, but our baby was still struggling and the recommendations and treatment we were given were not helping. Being a family physician myself, I sought out an experienced lactation specialist with a nursing background to help us navigate what was going on.

    My search turned up Sarah. My partner and I called Sarah on Christmas evening, not expecting to get a call back within minutes. After talking with Sarah that night and sending her a video of our infant nursing, she could already see that our son’s tongue tie had not been completely released by the physician several days earlier. We were so impressed and at ease with Sarah, that we decided to have her fly out to our home in Seattle a couple of days later. Sarah spent the day with my partner and showed her some techniques, came up with a plan and repeatedly followed up to see how things were going.

    She explained that the problems were related to our son’s tongue tie and a milk supply issue related to an anatomical variant that affected the milk ducts. She referred us to a wonderful dentist nearby who specialized in tongue ties and got us in to see him very quickly. Although she explained that the milk supply problem was a barrier, she was supportive of our decision to keep trying and provided guidance and support in the weeks to follow.

    Although we were sad that my partner was unable to breastfeed, we appreciated Sarah’s honesty, professionalism and her expert opinion. Our experience with Sarah could not have been better. Sarah is a positive, kind and fun person to work with. We highly recommend Sarah!

    Emily Cooper MD