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Full Day Lactation Consultation with a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Are you worried that when I leave, you won’t be able to repeat what you’ve done during our consult? Are you afraid you’re going to forget what you’ve just learned about you and your baby? Do you learn new things by practicing over and over again with the help of an expert? Do you need a little more TLC and information than what a typical two hour consult can provide? Well, I have the answer!

I can come to your home and spend 8 hours with you. That’s a full day! This day typically gives us enough time to practice 3 feeding sessions. This full day also gives you the time to process and integrate all the cool, new information about feeding, baby care, and your own self-care. We’ll tailor all this to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Please contact me for questions about my fee. Please know that arrangements can be made if you live outside of the Bay Area.