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Does a Breastfeeding Support Group conjure up visions of hippie moms pulling up their tie-dyed shirts and whipping out their breasts while they eat granola? If so, you’ve got it all wrong!

A good support group is run by a lactation consultant who understands the complexities of being a breastfeeding mom. It can be a great way to build a community for moms who would otherwise be isolated.

Some moms in these groups are brand new to breastfeeding and some aren’t. The lactation consultant should bring a scale so moms can weigh their babies, and while she can’t do a real consult, she should help with the latch. And…it’s a safe place to breastfeed without covering up!

Much more goes on when moms get together and the facilitator is good. In the groups I’ve facilitated, we’ve talked about:

  • normal newborn behavior
  • stuff moms read on the internet that they’re wondering about
  • pees and poops
  • nursing in public
  • baby’s weight
  • starting solids
  • going back to work
  • sleep deprivation
  • whether or not to “sleep-train”
  • whether or not to co-sleep
  • baby wearing
  • the effect baby has on a relationship
  • other parenting issues

It’s always such a joy for me to watch moms support each other, while they grow more confident in their breastfeeding and in themselves.