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The short answer is no.

A lot of moms are concerned about their milk production. As I’ve discussed with my clients during the past over 20 years, if we weren’t concerned about feeding our baby our species wouldn’t survive.

Sometimes milk supply is low (that’s for another blog entry). Desperate moms will drink or eat anything if they think it will increase their supply so they can better feed their baby. There are companies preying on these moms and selling them lactation cookies.

The advertisements for these claim that oats, flax seed, and brewer’s yeast are all galactagogues, something that increases a mother’s milk supply. Where’s their scientific proof? One company says that the flax seed provides omega-3 fatty acids, which is necessary for brain development and can be passed through the breastmilk. A new and vulnerable mom could easily read this as saying they need to eat these cookies for the flax-seed in order that their baby’s brain develop properly.

Are these cookies going to hurt you? Of course not, unless you’re worried about gaining weight as they’re full of butter and sugar. I’ve never had a mom tell me these have increased their milk supply. If you want to try them, I suggest you make your own. You can find recipes on the internet. It’ll be much less expensive than buying them and you’ll have the peace of mind, knowing exactly what’s in them.

Moms, you’re smart. Before you do something like eat a bunch of cookies hoping for a quick fix, remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.