Sandhya S.


A visit from Sarah definitely feels like THE turning point in my journey of breastfeeding my son. I was struggling with many issues and a lot of doubts. A couple of visits to the lactation clinic did not seem to help much. My son was 4 weeks old and that was when my mom and I decided that a house visit by a lactation nurse might help. Then I stumbled upon Sarah through Yelp and I do thank my stars I did. She was so warm and friendly.

She gave me the confidence to breastfeed and spent a couple of hours training me and my son. She showed me so clearly what had been going wrong so far.

We needed a couple of appointments with her, but in a couple of weeks time, I was able to breastfeed without hassles. Sarah has also promptly replied to every email I have sent her since then for every concern I may have. I definitely recommend Sarah to any mom with breastfeeding issues.

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Sandhya S.

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