Ruiza A.

All the reviews are TRUE!!! 5 stars! She was a lifesaver! I’m a first-time mom and was having breastfeeding issues with my 4 month old […] especially accompanied by postpartum anxiety. I was hardly getting any sleep and was in a lot of pain because of it (tried everything I read online and felt like just giving up and just admitting myself to a hospital). I’m so glad I called her!

Sarah responded to my email really fast and even gave me a call right away. After talking and assessing that I did need immediate help, she made time to come to my house the next day and answered not just breastfeeding questions/concerns, but even other postpartum or health/motherhood questions I had.

She was genuinely concerned and was very caring. With her professionalism, care and experience/credentials, it was easy to see why she is definitely one of the top lactation consultants in Seattle! Highly recommend her!


The information and support you will get is priceless! She is also an expert/trained in helping mothers with postpartum depression/anxiety.

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Ruiza A.

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