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I found [Sarah] on Yelp when my baby was just a few days old. He wasn’t nursing well and I wasn’t producing well – bad combination. Sarah spent a few hours with me and we developed a plan to get us on a path to breast feeding success.

That was seven months ago and I still depend on Sarah for solid, sound breast feeding advice. Recently I went through another difficult time when my baby wasn’t eating enough and I, again, wasn’t producing enough. We came up with another plan to get my baby’s weight and my milk supply back up without having to resort to formula. My baby is well fed now and I feel confident that I am armed with good tools and knowledge to prevent my supply from ever being at risk again.

Sarah is always responsive to my calls and e-mails and I find her support group helpful to discuss with her and other breast feeding moms challenges that I may still be facing.

What sets Sarah apart is that she doesn’t feel like a “consultant” that comes in, fixes a problem, collects payment, and leaves. She sincerely cares about her clients and has been an integral, continuous resource in my support system as a first-time mom.

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L. L.

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