Julia-Anne O.


When I called Sarah […] on a Sunday morning, I was 5 days out of an emergency C-Section and a complete wreck. I could barely get the words out over the phone to ask for help through my sobs. My milk didn’t come in right away, I became quickly engorged and baby was frantic every time we tried to nurse and wouldn’t latch at all anymore.

Sarah was at our home by that afternoon helping my baby get fed, calming me down and giving my family a clear plan spelling out exactly what to do over the coming days to get the baby’s weight back up, help me with my own body and get my baby and I back on track to nursing together. She spent a few hours with us and it was absolutely transformative.


Sarah is wonderful, calm and completely reassuring. I was in the thickets of the hardest week of my life when she swooped in and by Wednesday evening I felt like I was nearing the other side.

I really don’t know how to thank Sarah enough.

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Julia-Anne O.

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