Amanda R.


My husband and I spent a good chunk of the morning trying to find out where we could get access to a lactation consultant on the weekend. Everywhere we tried said we’d have to wait til Monday or take baby to the ER, neither of which we wanted to do.

Enter Sarah. She was professional, prepared, efficient and patient. She gave us successful strategies to use and put us on a schedule to get baby healthy and back on track.

Sarah is simply incredible. My husband and I were desperate for a lactation consultant on a Saturday and after a quick phone call, Sarah said she could be to our home in as little as an hour. What a difference her visit made!

Sarah is genuinely happy when the babies and moms she assists do well and it shows.

All in all I am so pleased we found Sarah, and would suggest to services to anyone experiencing any kind of difficulty with breastfeeding.

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Amanda R.

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